About us

The Amakinsiahia website is a one-stop shop for everything creative! Whether you’re seeking ideas for your next scrapbook project, want to learn more about vintage treasures, or are just interested in the world of little books, I’ve got something for you.

Let me break down all the different categories you’ll find on my website:


This is my primary area of expertise! I’m bubbling with scrapbooking information and ideas. I can teach you how to use mixed media in your projects, how to upcycle everyday things to make something beautiful, or how to scrapbook on a budget.

I can even assist you pick between digital and traditional scrapbooking, as well as show you how to create themed scrapbooks for any occasion. If you are a newbie, I can provide you with key ideas and strategies, as well as recommend all of the resources you will need to get started. So join me in exploring the great world of scrapbooking!

Vintage Collectibles:

Do you have a passion for all things vintage? So do I! This section of my website is dedicated to the unique and fascinating world of vintage collectibles.

Tiny Books:

Who knew there was a whole world dedicated to tiny books? Well, there is, and I’m here to tell you all about it! In this section, you’ll learn about the history of tiny books, how they’re made, and where to find them.


Want to know a little more about me? In this section, you’ll find my biography, which goes into detail about how I came to be and what I’m all about.

I hope this helps you understand what you can discover on my website. So, whether you’re an experienced scrapbooker or a total beginner, a collector of old treasures, or simply interested in the world of miniature books, I invite you to visit Amakinsiahia and uncover your creative side!